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Mask Policy Update

Fellow Members,


I understand how frustrating and confusing the mask situation is for a majority of us at the club. The information is vague to say the least. It's coming out fast and changes even faster. Our goal is to keep the club compliant for two reasons. The first is to keep the members safe and out of harms way. The second is to preserve our ability to serve the membership and catering clients without any repercussions.  After speaking with the Officers and Trustees, I've decided to follow the CDC guidelines allowing vaccinated members to remove their masks. In addition, we will be offering a separate seating area for unvaccinated members. For those of you unsure of what to do, you can continue to wear your mask while walking around the club and remove it when sitting to drink or dine. We'll be asking the vaccinated members to send a copy of their vaccination card to the office to be kept on file. For the remainder of you the honor system will have to suffice for now. Please understand it's up to you as members to preserve and protect our club for one another.  This policy will begin on Wednesday May 26, 2021. This policy can change at any time with new recommendations from appropriate authorities.  I personally wish you and your families a happy and healthy season.



Dr. Eric Valins


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